Monday, October 24, 2011


Who woke me up?? 

Sleep not found. 

Good Quote from Austen

You know the story of Emma, right?

She tried to set up an innocent young friend with a man she thought was admirable, but it turns out Mr. Elton thinks very highly of himself and wants a trophy wife.

When Mr. Elton returns home with an obnoxious new bride, Emma muses:

    She was, in fact, beginning very much to wonder that she had ever thought him pleasing at all; and his sight was so inseparably connected with some very disagreeable feelings, that, except in a moral light, as a penance, a lesson, a source of profitable humiliation to her own mind, she would have been thankful to be assured of never seeing him again. She wished him very well; but he gave her pain, and his welfare twenty miles off would administer most satisfaction.

I like that!  I can also think of a person or two whom I wish very well at a distance of twenty miles!  Or better, make that 200 miles, to be comparable with today’s sense of distances 🙂

What an adorable error message

I admit it, I sometimes collect the really cute error messages and 404s

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Publishing by sending an email...
Clipped this out of the same catalog as "dilligara" :-)


It's clever, but not polite! I don't usually say that word.

I can't think about "rat" without "patootie" (remember that line in Ratatouille?) so there you go.

"Do I Look Like I Give A Rat's Patootie?"

Of course Dilligara was taken, but I only checked out of curiosity. I really didn't want it.

This is cuter!